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About Us


We share the view that Africa’s most valuable resource is its people. Unfortunately, it has been underdeveloped. We seek to contribute to its development and optimization.

dFUNDS provides alternative access to funding for African entrepreneurs to enhance the productive enterprise of its people.

dFOUNDATION rallies friends of Africa to make sustainable contributions to the development of human capital in our client countries – primarily through health and education

Investment Philosophy

We generate sustainable socially-impactful returns for our members. Where we can, we seek to make investments in businesses that will improve livelihoods and create jobs. We invest smartly, patiently and passionately on a risk-adjusted basis. We don’t yield chase. We focus on creating value for our portfolio companies, from which we believe high yields will inevitably follow.

Message from our members

We are a network of friends of Africa, who while hopeful, share the view that some of the unhelpful developments on the continent are untenable. While we acknowledge a general lack of good leadership on the continent, blaming governments has been a spectacularly blunt instrument for change. We share the view that government is just one spoke in the leadership wheel. There is some scope for change in business and civil society. We have looked hard in the mirror and come to the conclusion that we also can be leaders – and transformational leaders at that. We plan on achieving this ideal by making contributions in the development and optimization of human capital development in Africa. We believe that this is the continent’s most valuable resource. Making socially impactful investments is our raison d’etre. However, we are more than an investment outfit. We are – for the want of a better word – a movement. Please do not hesitate to lend a voice to our cause if you share our vision, passion and commitment for change. While we are fueled by a healthy dose of practical idealism, we are not entirely oblivious to the challenges. We appreciate the fact that this will be a rather torturous but fulfilling journey. What we refuse to accept is to allow the real fear of unknown problems detract us from a mission we genuinely believe in. We also refuse to believe that we cannot make a difference if we channel our collective human, social and financial capitals towards the attainment of this ideal. Be inspired, be counted – today. Tomorrow may never come!

We are a member-funded, micro investment outfit that supports emerging entrepreneurs in select countries in Africa.